Securities Industry Conference 2017

This program will discuss the regulations framework in conducting business for stockbroking companies as well as dealer representatives, prevention of financial fraud (such as money game) and the importance of cyber risk management.

Securities Industry Conference 2016

This conference covers the latest updates to the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing And Proceeds Of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLATFPUAA of 2001), Capital Market Services Act 2007 (CMSA 2007), Bursa Rules on market misconduct activities, financial fraud and Know Your Clients (KYC), and their implementation on the Malaysia Capital Market. This conference is designed for financial services professionals in managing AML/CFT risk by implementing risk based approach and effective customer due diligence in mobile transformation era.

Financial Communications: Importance of Investor Relations and the Financial Media

Financial communications in the Malaysian capital market is becoming increasingly important and challenging. Today’s well informed society seeks frequent assurances of regulatory compliance, calls for greater transparency, accounting accuracy and corporate responsibility. In the light of these demanding market conditions, corporates and organizations, whether they are public listed companies (PLCs), stockbroking companies, government agencies and other responsible entities, realize they all need to deal more proactively, effectively, convincingly and sensitively with their shareholders and stakeholders, both existing, potential, domestic and global.

Fundamental Analysis on Banking, Plantation and Property Industries

This program will cover key investment theories and methodologies applied by financial analysts to identify stocks with good intrinsic value. It will touch on the investment theories and the various ways to be an intelligent investor. The participants will learn what the various fundamental ratios mean and how to use them to better evaluate the financial health of the listed companies and compare it to its peers in the same sector. The participants will also cover the non-financial aspect of stock selection.

Insider Trading, Financial Fraud, Investor Relations and Financial Media

Insider trading and financial fraud are very much relevant to regulatory aspects of the securities trading. This programme will cover the relevant regulatory framework, definitions and case studies to enable the participants to understand the issues of insider trading and financial fraud. Financial communications, which encompasses both investor relations (IR) and dealing with the financial media, is becoming increasingly significant in the Malaysian capital market. Corporates and organisations, whether they are public listed companies, stockbroking companies, government agencies or other responsible entities, are becoming increasingly aware of the need to deal more proactively and effectively with their shareholders and stakeholders.

Personal Communication Skills Client Engagement Workshop

The Personal Communication Skills: Client Engagements programme is designed for all participants to learn to develop their personal leadership skills. The session will focus on participants defining their communication strengths and abilities in order to create strategies that allow them to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. Attention placed on the importance of engagement and involvement while developing a customer service mind-set. It will be practical and develop best practices for each member of the team to take on while looking closely at actual existing challenges the organisation faces. The sessions will be practical and focus on functional learning rather than theoretical situations in order to develop best practices for each participant to bring back to their daily work

Technical Analysis – How To Build A Solid Trading Plan

This program will cover key technical analysis theories and methodologies applied by technical analysts to identify entry and exit points of stocks and warrants. It will cover various basic technical analysis tools to identify opportunities in the price action/market structure of a chart.